Ninja Eco-Warriors

Cleansing the parish lanes and hedgerows undetected (almost)

Did you know, there’s a small collective of conscientious and dedicated people who regularly and uncompromisingly help keep our parish clean and tidy? And they don’t work for the council, indeed they aren’t paid at all.

You’d be forgiven for not realising, as they don’t promote their work. There are no regular meetings, no community group or Facebook page and most aren’t likely to mention their involvement in conversation, for they don’t seek recognition for what they do. Yet we should all be thankful, for while out walking, jogging or exercising the dog, these local heroes collect and remove much of the litter that blights our lanes and hedgerows in many areas across the parish, polluting our environment and endangering the local wildlife. In short, their selfless efforts help make where we live that bit better for everyone, and this month we have acted on one request and arranged a new litter bin, located at the junction of Chipping Road and Greaves Hill Lane, to hopefully alleviate some of the challenge in this particular area.

Furthermore, we have reported many of the worst effected areas to Lancaster City Council, those just too polluted for individuals to clear, including alongside the A6 from J33 into Galgate.

If you know of an area badly effected by litter and are inspired to do something about it, the city council do offer support in the form of equipment and guidance – please see the link below.

Community cleanups – Lancaster City Council

And if you happen upon one of the elusive ninja eco-warriors whilst out within the parish, please be sure to take a moment just to say ‘thank you’.

Author – Peter Mather